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Our brands have a great mix of uniqueness, outstanding conversion and a tried and tested retention model. We work with leading game studios, making sure you have all the tools to your disposal to earn more for your players.

Accepted Countries:
Accepted Countries:


To sign up to our program, simply click on Sign up and fill in the registration form. Upon completing the registration process, our team will review the application and get back to you within 1 business day.
Inside Kong Affiliates you have several reports and tools to your disposal to track and review your marketing performance. The system updates once a day to give you fresh data to work with on a daily basis.
Kong Affiliates do not enforce Negative Carry Over, meaning that you start fresh every month, regardless of the performance in prior months.
Kong Affiliates is powered by NetRefer. A market leading Affiliate Software trusted by many Affiliate Programs.
There is no cap on how much you can earn as an Affiliate of Kong Affiliates.


Kong Affiliates stands out for its efficiency and reliability. Their support is always ready to help, and payments are never delayed. A great partner!


Working with Kong Affiliates has been incredibly rewarding. The team's professionalism and timely payments are just what I needed. Highly recommend!


With Kong Affiliates as our trusted partner, we have experienced significant growth. Their exceptional support and valuable resources have been pivotal in propelling our success and solidifying our position in the iGaming industry.


KongAffiliates stands as a beacon of opportunity in the competitive world of iGaming, offering a diverse array of premium brands and lucrative commission structures. With a focus on integrity and transparency, they provide affiliates with the resources and support needed to thrive and succeed.


Wonaco is the new Monaco. Here, all our VIP players are well looked after and spend money like there's no tomorrow. So don't wait for the suflet on your Lamborghini Spyder to go down, stomp on the gas pedal and drive straight to Kong Affiliates and sign a deal with them too!

Dolly Casino and its partners program are both outstanding. We had no issues whatsoever with these guys so far, so we can’t say such much but appreciate the work ethic of the team. We are happy to make business with Dolly Casino, and hopefully we will cooperate together for a long time.


Kong Affiliates has become an integral part of our growth story. Their meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to our mutual success have made a significant impact on our business.


Kong Affiliate has been a game-changer for our marketing efforts, providing top-notch support and impressive revenue growth. Their partnerships with trustable and safe brands, such as Dolly Casino ensure our Arabic players have access to secure and reliable gaming experiences.

Arab Top Casinos

Kong Affiliates is a reliable affiliate program that offers very lucrative commissions and consists of a team of highly professional affiliate managers. We are promoting Dolly Casino on Casino Groups and are receiving outstanding results. Kong Affiliates is a great option, and we definitely recommend working with them!


Cooperating with Kong Affiliates a rare pleasure an iGaming business can experience. We can see why their intelligence and cooperation are greatly appreciated by both their players and partners!


Working with Kong Affiliates has been an excellent experience due to their reliable support and timely payments. The affiliate program offers competitive commissions and a wide range of promotional materials, making it easy to attract new customers. Their transparent tracking system ensures that all activities are accurately monitored and rewarded.


Our experience with Kong Affiliates has been exceptional. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail set them apart. We highly value their partnership and look forward to working together on future projects.


Partnering with Kong Affiliates has been incredibly rewarding. Their expertise and dedication have significantly contributed to our project's success. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with such a dependable team


We've had a fantastic experience collaborating with Kong Affiliates. Their product is outstanding, and their customer service is exemplary—always responsive and ready to assist with any inquiries we have. We wholeheartedly endorse their services at!


Our collaboration with Kong Affiliates has been nothing short of transformative. Their forward-thinking approach and relentless pursuit of innovation have been instrumental in propelling us forward in an industry that's constantly evolving. The support and guidance provided by their team have been exceptional, offering invaluable assistance whenever we've needed it.


What truly sets Kong Affiliates apart, though, is the remarkable conversion rate we've experienced. It's been a game-changer, fueling our growth and surpassing our wildest expectations. With an extensive array of slots catering to every player's taste, Kong Affiliates has been instrumental in our success story, and we eagerly anticipate the myriad possibilities that lie ahead.


Many thanks to the Kong Affiliates team, professionals in their field who strictly comply with all conditions. Pokiesman wesbite is a large gambling hub with the best paying online pokies in Australia. Our team has worked and is working closely with Kong Affiliates, so we can honestly say only the best reviews.


Working with Kong Affiliates has been a breeze. Responsive Affiliate Managers and highly converting brands has made our partnership a success story.

Dolly Casino Review

Collaborating with Kong Affiliates has been an absolute delight. We've just started our collaboration and can recommend them as a professional and trustworthy team with an innovative casino brand and helpful affiliate managers.


Kong Affiliates is one of's latest partners, and we couldn't be more thrilled. With a professional team and an exciting platform, we've had nothing but positive experiences with Kong Affiliates, and we highly recommend it!

Working with Dolly Casino Partners has been an absolute pleasure for Their dedication to excellence and commitment to fostering mutually beneficial relationships is unmatched. The team at Dolly Casino Partners has consistently provided us with top-tier support, innovative marketing strategies, and a diverse selection of high-converting casino brands. Thanks to their professionalism and expertise, our partnership has flourished, driving significant growth and success for both parties. We highly recommend Dolly Casino Partners to any affiliate looking to elevate their business in the iGaming industry.


We have enjoyed working with KongAffiliates. They have an interesting brand and a dedicated manager. 5/5!

Collaborating with KongAffiliates has marked a pivotal moment for Their outstanding affiliate program has not only offered competitive conditions but has also showcased its market leadership through its high conversion rates. The blend of professionalism and passion from their affiliate team, alongside their cutting-edge products, has played a crucial role in our advancement and achievements. KongAffiliates stands out with their timely payments, exemplary management skills, and a forward-thinking approach that has helped us turn potential challenges into opportunities for growth. We are eager to continue our partnership with KongAffiliates for the long haul and highly recommend their services to anyone in the casino niche looking for a reliable and impactful collaboration.


Partnering with Kong Affiliates has been a game-changer for our business. Their exceptional support and top-tier brand offerings have significantly elevated our affiliate marketing efforts.


Choosing Kong Affiliates as our partner has proven to be a strategic decision. Their rates are not only competitive but have played a significant role in the outstanding results we've reached together. Their commitment to excellence is evident not only in their rates but also in the support and resources they provide.


We were incredibly excited after learning that our latest partner was going to be the professionals at Kong Affiliates! Their Dolly Casino brand is a welcome addition to our family, and we are more than happy to be working together. It is always a pleasure to explore new markets with them, and are more than happy for our mutual success!

We made the right decision by starting work with Kong Affiliates. Pleasant conditions and a good converting brand Dolly Casino showed its competitiveness in the market. We will continue to work with them for a long time, and we advise others to do so.

Kong Affiliates has set a new standard for affiliate partnerships. Their competitive rates, combined with the unwavering support they provide, have helped us achieve remarkable results. This collaboration represents not just a business relationship but a long-term alliance for success.


Getting started with Kong Affiliates was super smooth and Dolly Casino is a really cool brand that's easy to promote. We're super excited about our partnership!

We’re super stoked to be partnering up with KongAffiliates. The brand looks great and the affiliate team has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with so far.


Working with Kong Affiliates is a rewarding experience. Their professionalism, support, and lucrative opportunities make collaboration seamless. They value partnerships and consistently deliver excellent results.

Aussie Gamblers

We're very happy with our Partnership with Kong Affiliates. Our Finnish players are very excited about Dolly Casino.


Working with Kong Affiliates has been a game-changer for my business. Their professionalism and player retention are unmatched in the industry.


Kong affiliates is a new partner to us, but so far we have been nothing but pleased to work with their pay n play casino in Finland. Really happy with the speed and professionalism we encountered.


One of the standout features of KongAffiliates is its excellent brands. They work with some of the best names in the industry, which has helped us to attract new clients and grow our business. Additionally, their managers are some of the most competent and professional we have worked with. They are always available to help us with any questions or concerns. We appreciate their good package of services, which includes in-depth analytics and insights into our site's performance.


KongAffiliates has been an exceptional partner for our command. We appreciate their skills to understand our needs and quickly get down to business. Their friendly and responsive managers always take care of timely payments and customer base support. They work hard to improve the website and consider every request. We highly recommend KongAffiliates to anyone looking for a reliable and effective affiliate program.


KongAffiliates has been an incredible experience for us. We appreciate their approach, which helped us achieve new success levels. Their timely payments and excellent management skills set them apart from other affiliate programs. With their help, we could identify and overcome our weaknesses and turn them into strengths. We highly recommend KongAffiliates to anyone looking for a reliable and effective affiliate program.


Dolly deserves special attention from Smart Pokies! We love working with this casino since it offers nice services and partners with reliable providers like Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, and Play'n GO. Their website looks simple to navigate and registration takes less than a couple of minutes.

Smart Pokies

Kong Affiliates is a great company to work with. Whether you need assistance or quick advice, they're always there to help out. A must-have to any portfolio - Highly recommended!


We are delighted to have discovered a trustworthy partner in KONG Affiliate. Our collaboration has proven to be truly profitable. KONG Affiliate provides high-caliber offers, and we are enthused to foster a robust and productive professional relationship.


We are thrilled to give our endorsement to the Kong Affiliate brands. Their team of experts is truly exceptional, offering a remarkable variety of games and seamless payment solutions that cater to the preferences of players. Their commitment to excellence and player satisfaction sets them apart from the competition. We confidently recommend the Kong Affiliate brands to anyone seeking a top-notch gaming experience.


If you're in pursuit of a reliable affiliate program, Kong Affiliates is one we wholeheartedly endorse. Their team, characterized by professionalism and an unwavering readiness to assist, has made our collaboration not only effective but also enjoyable.

Kongaffiliates has been an amazing partner for us. Their creativity and originality are what set them apart from other affiliate programs. This reliable company offers customers excellent support and quick competent answers at any time. Thanks to the individual approach, they can analyze every detail that directly affects the success of our website.

Working with Kong Affiliates has been a game-changer for our business. Their exceptional casino offers and dedicated team have exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend them as a reliable and profitable partner.


KongAffiliates has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. With their management tools, we got the long-awaited results we sought. Their qualified managers are always available to process requests and work out strategies to solve any problems we may encounter. Their effective service package has helped us make our site the best. We highly recommend KongAffiliates to anyone looking for a reliable and effective affiliate program.


We have been working really well with Kong Affiliates for a while now and our partnership seems to be flourishing and going better each month. We really love working with them and highly recommend this super helpful team


Kong Affiliates is one of our favourite partnerships as they have cutting-edge products with a professional and passionate affiliate team leaving nothing for granted. We recommend Kong Affiliates to everyone in the casino niche.

We truly like working with Kong Affiliates as they provide friendly yet professional support and offer great deals for affiliates and players. We look forward to a long-lasting collaboration.


We are extremely delighted to have been partnering with Kong Affiliates. Great games, wonderful offers and overall nice to present to our visitors. Always very communicative and professional account managers.


We are delighted to endorse the Kong Affiliate brands for their exceptional team of professionals, impressive range of games, and hassle-free payment options that cater to the needs of players.

Kong Affiliates is a delight to work with. They are a requirement if you're a serious player in this industry because they are really professional and have some good brands with great games.

We at Sloteire are honored to work with the affiliates of KongAffiliates. High conversion brands with high player value. We also appreciate their excellent affiliate team's assistance very much.

We are happy and enjoy working with Kong Affiliates. Partnership with them is an important deal to us. Their professionalism makes us want to continue working with them for a very long time. Our experience collaborating has been excellent and we are grateful for their support


We highly value our partnership with Kong Affiliates and appreciate their exceptional affiliate program, as their team is a pleasure to work with and this collaboration is helping our sites rank. We look forward to our continued common success!


Our partnership with Kong Affiliates has been a valuable asset to our business, thanks to their exceptional affiliate program as well as their team. We are looking forward to keep growing together! Cheers from the Uusimmatkasinot team!

Uusimmat Kasinot

We are impressed how well Dolly Casino is working for Finnish traffic and our cooperation with their affiliate team has been seamless.

We are very happy with our partnership with KongAffiliates. They have an outstanding management team that is always available for any questions we might have. Players love to play at their excellent KongAffiliates. We highly recommend them

We are happy to share our impressions of cooperation with KongAffiliates. Our partnership gained huge momentum very quickly and showed incredible growth in a very short time, so we are happy to recommend Dolly Casino for cooperation to all affiliates and you will see excellent results from the first minutes of promoting this brand.

KasinoCZ team is very excited because of partnership with Kong Affiliates. This is a reliable partner with whom you can implement all strategies and achieve maximum performance.

The Kong Affiliates brands have everything a player could want: an excellent support team, a large number of games and quick withdrawals! Highly recommended!

Super Casino Sites

We are glad to have started working with the Kong Affiliates team. Here we have found diverse and well converting brands. Here we were able to find a nice deal and in a short time we saw the results of our cooperation. The affiliate managers are very professional, and they are always willing to help.

My team cooperating with Kong Affiliates in the gambling niche. We can say with confidence that the Kong Affiliates is a truly professional team. It is also very important that the partner always pays everything stably and honestly. We will continue to work with them with pleasure!


Kong Affiliates hands down the best affiliate program out there. The brands they represent are all top-notch. They are dedicated to making sure their partners are taken care of, which is not something that you often find in the industry these days. If you’re looking for a company to work with, Kong Affiliates should be at the top.

Our collaboration with Kong Affiliates went smoothly and the whole process was extremely simple. The outcome was better than we had expected, and we wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again! We love their bonuses for the CA market, exactly what top-affiliates want to promote!

We have been very impressed with Kong Affiliates and their brand Dolly Casino. Working with them has been a pleasure and our Canadian audience seem to really like their brand!

We are very happy to start our partnership with Kong Affiliates on good terms. From the get-go, they have shown to be very professional with excellent support. It shows that they work hard on their products not only by looking but with a great conversion rate.

Working with Kong Affiliates has been nothing but a pleasure. Their casino brands are top converting and are of the highest standard in terms of player experience. We at Bestbonus highly recommend adding their portfolio of casinos to your website as soon as possible.


If you are looking for a trustworthy affiliate program this is one we can definitely recommend. Professional and helpful affiliate team has made our partnership a pleasant one and we have high hopes for the future!


Kong Affiliates are a great brand with top-notch solutions. They convert very well and their affiliate team is simple to reach they are also ready to help us on a regular basis. We at casinoonline-pl look forward to making great progress in the market.

We at CryptoLists are looking forward working with Kong Affiliates and Dolly Casino and take this partnership to a new level. Their team is quick, experienced and a pleasure to work with.

Dolly Casino er et nytt norsk nettcasino med VISA-betalinger. Lanseringen av deres merkevarer på vår sammenligningside har gått veldig bra og responsen fra Dolly casinos affiliate-team har vært noe utenom det vanlige. Vår vurdering er 10/10 og en varm anbefaling fra oss til andre bransjekolleger der ute!

From the moment we introduced Dolly Casino to our readers, we have received nothing but positive feedback on this brand: our players appreciate a wide selection of available payment methods and a great game lobby.

A big thank you to Kong Affiliates for everything. From casino offers to transparent and professional communications, working together has expanded our brand and strengthened our relationship. Again, a big thanks from the complete Casinosters team! As Head of Product & Co-Founder, I can’t recommend them enough.

It's been a great journey with Dolly Casino. Always easy to work with and extremely responsive. Things we like in a partnership

How Happy are WE to be working with Kong Affiliates and Dolly Casino! Great partners who are dedicated and supportive. Highly recommend working with this team.

Top 10 Casinos

I'm looking forward to work with Kong Affiliates long term as they're offering some of the better brands in the industry.

CasinoHaien recently started working with Kong Affiliates, and it's been an absolute pleasure so far.

KongAffiliatesと提携してドリーカジノを宣伝できることを嬉しく思います。 アフィリエイトチームもとても協力的で、素晴らしいパートナーシップを結ぶことができました。 日本人スタッフも在籍しており、安心して提携を進められるのでおすすめです。

Casino Sagashi

GullCasino is a platform where you can find casinos that are golden, and that's why I work together with Kong Affiliates.

You can find brands coming from Kong Affiliates on CasinoParken because they're attractive for Norwegian players.


Offering respected brands to my Singaporean players is important, which is why Kong Affiliates is the perfect choice.


Getting started with Kong Affiliate didn't take long as we had good communication with each other.

Casino Giganten

We have been partners with Kong Affiliates for a while now and we can honestly say they are great. They have amazing affiliate managers and a rewarding program. Their Curacao casino, Dolly, is amazing as well and deserves a place in our Curacao online casinos portfolio. We recommend everyone in the iGaming industry to join Kong Affiliates.

Curacao Online Casinos

Our professional experience with Kong Affiliates has changed how we work and thrive here at GambLizard. There’s nothing like working with reliable and experienced partners, and we want to thank Kong's Affiliate Team for their ongoing support, niche knowledge, and casino bonuses.

The thing that attracted us to Kong Affiliates was the stable and reliable partnership we formed. These are gamers who have been through it all in affiliate marketing with the aim of creating the best platform possible. We recommend them for the chaos-free space they have created and straightforward agreements.

The Gamblizard team just wants to say thank you to Kong Affiliates for offering continuous support and expertise to our team.

Dolly Casino has excellent conversion rates, thanks to the impressive selection of providers it works with. You make as much as you want depending on your efforts because the platform has been set to enable you to do just that.

Kong Affiliates have a unique and innovative casino product. Their affiliate team is great and always very helpful. We give our best recommendations.

Kong Affiliates is one of our most trusted partners. They ahve excellent conversion on their brand and manage to have a high life time value on their players. Not to mention Jonas, our affiliate manager, who's a superstar when it comes to helping out.

We have been working with Kong Affiliates for quite a while now, and we are impressed by the conversion and the player value. We are looking forward to see what the future will bring.

Brazilian players love Dolly Casino, and that's all that matters to us. We want to promote brands that offer a great user experience and Dolly Casino fits that bill perfectly. The fact that Kong Affiliates are easy to work with and pay well is just a bonus

It's always a great pleasure to work with industry leaders and people who are passionate about innovative ideas. Our cooperation with Kong Affiliates turned out to be very successful from the start.

We at Kaszinomagyar have teh best words for Kong Affiliates so we are pleased to recommend them for any sort of cooperation.

Dolly Casino er en god match for Hasardspiller. Vårt fokus ligger spesielt på norske nettcasino som tilbyr kryptobetalinger, gitt betalingsformidlingsforbudet som hindrer mange nordmenn mtp. innskudd, og spesielt uttak av gevinster.

We are Play Safe have a strict criteria when it comes to our partners. Even due to this, we can say that Kong Affiliates are an excellent example of professionalism, great cooperation, and steady growth for us both.

We are really looking forward to working with Kong Affiliates. Their brand is one of the best performers in our core market at the moment and the value looks incredible.

Kong Affilaites are one of our key partners, and we have had the most fantastic relationship. We are more than satisfied with their affiliate program, fast customer support, dedication and genuinely wish to delivery the best in return.

KongeBonus are happy to have partnered up with Dolly Casino. Our Norwegian community is enjoying every second. We have received a great onboarding process from Kong's very professional team. We can recommend this affiliate programme to all of our fellow Norwegian affiliates.


Dolly Casino showcases an excellent package for their players to enjoy. Conversion is impressive as new brands always are. We're glad to be working with their team. Looking forward to more results in the coming months.

Dolly Casino is a top new comer to promote in multiple countries. Their product compliments our sites well and we're excited to see where this partnership will lead.

Kong Affiliate doesn't only offer top tier brands, but also a delightful working experience for its partners. With a clear cut and easy to use platform, in combination with excellent support from the Affiliate Manager, they are on to a winning concept.

We've been working with Dolly Casino for a while. They're the obvious choice if you're looking for a good converting brand in the Canadian market.

As an affiliate working in the Japanese market, we can nothing but recommend Dolly Casino. They have a fully localized brand and it converts really well.

If you're looking for a good brand with a nice selection of games, payment options and bonuses, we can strongly recommend you working with Kong Affiliates.

Kong Affiliates have managed to release a very competitive brand towards the Finnish market with its pay n play-product, nice design and strong welcome bonus. Dolly Casino is the name and we are looking forward to keep directing our audience towards this fresh newcomer.

Dolly Casino has proven itself to be a great converting brand in Austria. Besides that we are very pleased with how prompt and service-minded the team behind Kong Affiliates are.

SlotsCalendar and Kong Affiliates have just started working together. We are very excited to see how the partnership will go, and we are very confident about it.

We are very happy with our new partnership with Kong Affliates. They have friendly and competent affiliate managers and a rewarding program. Their brand from Rabidi, Dolly casino is amazing and has everything our players are looking for.

Kong Affiliates has been one of our main partners from day one. They offer impressive conversion rates along with responsive and knowledgable affiliate managers.

We highly recommend Kong Affiliates as a responsible partner with their amazing team. It's always a pleasure to cooperate with their manages who never gave us any reason to doubt the strength of our partnership.

This team have a great looking casino brand and we are more than happy to promote them to our Canadian InsideCasino players. Many of our players are always on the look out for exciting new casinos that they can trust and we know that they will be happy with this one.

Dolly Casino is a really great new brand to have on our site. The product looks very solid and we're looking forward to some great results from it. We know the team behind this project well, so expecting big things.

Dolly Casino is a top tier brand to promote in multiple countries. Their product compliments our sites well and we're excited to see where this partnership will lead.

è un piacere assoluto collaborare con il Team Kong Affiliates. Disponibilità e professionalità sin dal primo giorno. Dolly Casino è sinonimo di qualità e successo nel mercato italiano.

Are you looking for a high quality casino brand in Brazil? Dolly Casino is a perfect choice for you as an affiliate.

Kong Affiliates are great to cooperate with, they run a tight operation with good brands and professional managers who are keen to help and easy to communicate with

Raccomandioamo a tutti di iniziare una collaborazione con Kong Affiliates per diversi motivi. Innanzitutto i casino rappresentati sono dei prodotti di livello top apprezzati anche dai nostri giocatori.

Un ottimo programma di affiliazione per il mercato italiano. I brand rappresentati sono di altissima qualità e siamo davvero soddisfatti di questa collaborazione. And i giocatori dimostrano di apprezzare veramente i casino proposti da Kong Affiliates.

For Casinosquire, the online casino Dolly Casino has been a value choice for our players as it gives them most of every vertical from casino bonuses to a library full of slot games. Kong affiliates has on top of that been very straightforward to start our cooperation with.

We've been working with Kong Affiliates for a while not and have nothing but praises. Their team is extremely professional, supportive and Dolly converts really well. We know that we'll have a very long term cooperation.

For the Gambler Bay, partnering with Kong Affiliates is a very important step to promote the highly converting brand Dolly Casino.

The Gambler Bay

These guys know how to make online casinos work. Pari that with a helpful support team, juicy commission rates, and really cool casino games - and you've got a recipe for success. Props to ya, Kong Affiliates!

Our team of Online-Kaszino is excited to have partnered up with Kong Affiliates. The value and conversion of Dolly Casino is exceptional and we are looking forward to many more years of successful business together.

We from Neue-casinos are thrilled to be working together with Kong Affiliates. Our team is a huge fan of Dolly Casino and our cooperation couldn't have been smoother.

Siamo lieti di lavorare con il team di Dolly Casino. La loro alta qualità nel lavoro svolto cosí come la grande soddisfazione dei clienti referenziati, costituiscono i pilastri che li rappresentano

Statsdrone is pleased to be working with Kong Affiliates. With an excellent brand, great collaborative account team and generous commission plans, we are looking forward to a long term partnership.

A fantastic and solid affiliate program for the Japanese market. Their brands are top-edge. We are very satisfied with this choice and we recommend them to any other affiliate out there.

It is very satisfying to be working with Kong Affiliates in the Japanese market. Their affiliate team is incredibly friendly and supportive, and the communications are smooth and quick. We definitely recommend it.

We truly recommend Kong Affiliates to partner with. They care for our success and play an essential role in supporting us to reach what we want.

If you are looking for a reliable and credible partner, look no further. Kong Affiliates' brand are also great in terms of conversion. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.

Boonuskoodit has noticed the players' interest in Dolly Casino, and we're happy to be part of making it even bigger. Dolly is a catch, and being a quick casino with a great casino bonus, it is going far.

We have had a very good ride with Kong Affiliates so far, and we are getting great results together. Dolly Casino is a handsome and unique brand, and also one of the coolest new casinos with Zimpler.

The Team at Kong Affiliates have been great to work with from the start. Their brand is also popular with our players who have provided plenty of positive feedback.

Mr Casinova has been collaborating with Dolly Casino for months and as well as being one of our main partners, they offer amazing brands that are great for our markets.

We are thrilled to be working with Kong Affiliates and to be able to add Dolly Casino to our list of high performing brands. The team was so welcoming, we feel like a part of the family.

Dolly Casino is an Ace brand. The product is user focused and converts really well. We couldn't be happier to have formed this partnership.

We have Dolly Casino to thank for a huge uptick in revenue. This team really knows what they are doing. We are happy to recommend them.

We had a great experience working with Dolly Casino. They deliver with good player values and high conversion rates. We highly recommend!

We have had a great pleasure working with their high quality brand. We hope to continue this partnership for a long time.

Working with Kong Affiliates has been a pleasure. A great team that is always there for you with new marketing tools and casino games. Highly recommend it.

If you are looking for a great brand to promote in Scandinavia, look no further. Dolly Casino is one of our top performing brands.

This industry is very competitive and that is why we wanted to outshine our competition. Teaming up with Dolly Casino has been a good decision for us. Their experienced team have set a bar for how partnerships should look like.

Working with Dolly Casino have taught us how to find value and possibilities to stimulate growth with our customers. Their solutions are tailored to the needs, and they strategically find a way to improve the existing product.

We're really happy to be working with Dolly Casino. Their team has tonnes of knowledge so we have no doubt that it will perform absolutely great and can't wait to see the results.

We from Casinokix are happy to be working together with Kong Affiliates. The popular Dolly Casino is one of our favourite brands and is outperforming the competition.

We truly enjoy working with Kong Affiliates. Swift communication and flexible agreements is what you want from a good partnership.

Dolly Casino has delivered since the start for us with great conversion rates and excellent retention. Big ups to their Affiliate Team.

Kong Affiliates and Dolly Casino is our best performing partnership. Their team is really professional and the brand converts amazing.

Casinos Analyzer have just started working with Kong Affiliates. We consider Dolly Casino among the top best online casinos.

Working with Kong Affiliates has been a great experience, especially in the Finnish market. Dolly Casino is a big player in the Pay n Play Casino Genre.

We think Dolly Casino will give us a very good conversion rate. We will continue to hope for a close and mutually beneficial cooperation with this team of professionals.

Dolly Casino is a great Norwegian brand that is part of Kong Affiliates. We see a bright future ahead of us.

Dolly Casino was a natural choice given their conversion and player value.

Working with Kong Affiliates and Dolly Casino has been a pleasure and we can only say that we are waiting for a long-lasting relationship with this fantastic company.

We are promoting Dolly Casino in New Zealand, Norway and Finland. The brand is converting great and has a good player value. We can only recommend it.

Dolly Casino is a premium Casino with all the payment providers needed for the Norwegian Market.

We have just started working with Kong Affiliates and so far the impression is great. Their platform is proven to convert and retain really well so we are looking forward to this partnership.

We at have just started with Kong Affiliates and it has been a real pleasure working with such supportive and professional affiliate team.

We love to work with Kong Affiliates and promote their super cool online casino. It has been a smooth ride since day one.

KasinoSeta really enjoys working with Kong Affiliates and their online casinos. We look forward to what our cooperation will bring us this year.

Dolly Casino has been one of our best partners, unmatched conversion followed by great retention has made it a joyful partnership that we cherish.

Working with Kong Affiliates has exceeded our expectations. We work with many affiliate programs but Kong Affiliates are definitely up there with the best.

Gambler NZ is proud to partner up with Kong Affiliates. They havea unique brand that is performing very well in our marketing and proactive managers with proven experience.

Dolly Casino is a brand with great conversion that also knows how tohandle their players, a "must have" for affiliates around the world.

CasinoMentor and Kong Affiliates just started collaborating but we already know that it is going to be an amazing partnership.

If you have online traffic from Europe you need to work with KongAffiliates, their brands are truly some of the best converting out there with the highest value.


We are happy to recommend working with KongAffiliates for your traffic, they have great brands with awesome conversion and playervalue.


We are very happy and proud working with KongAffiliates, they have great brands for our core markets and even more important great account managers that always answer and are on top of stats.

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We are very happy with our partnership with KongAffiliates. They have an outstanding management team that is always available for any questions we might have. Players love to play at their excellent KongAffiliates. We highly recommend them


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Utländska Casino

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Casino Utan Gränser

Kongaffiliates brand DollyCasino offers Pay N Play in Finland. We are focusing on Swedish, we hope Kong will open that market soon.

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